PUPPO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS has proven time and time again that they are the singular source for strategic development services. We have found no other company that provides the service, professionalism and breadth of knowledge that they posses.

-- David Levitt,
Director of Store/PC Systems,



Established in 1987, PUPPO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS, LLC. provides consulting and custom software development solutions to business.


The company was founded in 1987 on the principles of increasing the productivity and efficiency of its clients through the development, implementation, and support of technology. In addition to bringing an engineering discipline to bear on software planning and development, the company's founder, Bob Puppo, recognized that successful client relationships depend on effective communication as well as superior technical and management skills.


Mr. Puppo began his technical career as a member of the Semiconductor Research and Development team at Commodore Business Machines Co. in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. The position dealt primarily with supporting the development of  new semiconductor engineering processes to produce smaller, faster, and more functional computer chips. The work provided an insight into computer technology at its most fundamental layer.

As the 80's progressed the IBM PC became the dominant microcomputer. Commodore lost market share and Mr. Puppo  left Commodore accepting a position with GAI-Tronics Corp. (now Salient 3 Communications, Inc.), a telecommunications subsidiary of Gilbert Associates, in Reading, Pennsylvania. At a time when computer networking was just beginning to proliferate the position provided exposure to key communication technologies. Mr. Puppo was involved in the design of telecommunications equipment utilizing embedded micro-controllers and state of the art programmable logic. He remained involved with all phases of product development from concept through design, testing, and high volume production.

In 1987 Mr. Puppo founded PUPPO ENGINEERING recognizing a need for contract professionals with excellent communication and project management skills in addition superior software and hardware engineering expertise. The company was later renamed PUPPO SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS, LLC.

In the beginning, he both consulted and developed his own computer peripheral product line. In the Jan/Feb 1989 issue of the International Newsletter of the OS-9 Users Group, the editor William Brady wrote of his first product; "This is about the best thought out and designed product I have ever seen for a computer." The product line helped fund the startup as he built clientele and strategic relationships.

A pivotal event occurred for the company in 1991 when they were awarded a contract with Exxon Research and Engineering, Co. in Linden, New Jersey to develop a Portable Engine Sensor Data Acquisition System for use in emissions analysis. The acquisition system integrated with embedded controllers and sensor arrays already present in a vehicle to provide real-time data for analysis. As lead architect and designer, Mr. Puppo designed the hardware interface, developed the system firmware, and provided the computer based user interface  for this system. This system helped provide Exxon information used in formulating their reduced emission fuel. Exxon was pleased with the work and retained Mr. Puppo under contract for the following year (1992).

In the months and years that have followed, Mr. Puppo has headed varied development projects for both small and fortune 500 companies. The key element to our success has been effective communication and the application of engineering principals to software design and construction.



"This is about the best thought out and designed product I have ever seen for a computer."  

William Brady, editor, International Newsletter of the OS-9 Users Group, in reference to our first product

"We judge our success by our clients' success and aim to establish a collaborative relationship with each client. Effective communication is the key to achieving this goal and begins with listening to the clients’ needs, expectations and constraints. Our extensive experience provides a multidisciplinary approach that enables us to provide innovative solutions that overcome constraints and deliver the best technology that strategic thinking can provide."

Bob Puppo, company founder